What Your Body Needs NOW for a Healthier You Next Year

December 10, 2018
  • The holidays always seem to put us on a backward slope when it comes to our health. It’s cold outside, we tend to eat unhealthier “comfort” foods, our social calendars are booked, and we neglect our exercise routine…

    While a well-balanced diet and regular exercise are essential for the body to work efficiently, taking the right supplements can help fill in any nutritional gaps and improve one’s workout.

    Supplements are not meal replacements; they are meant to be taken as an addition to a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. And some supplements contain ingredients that provide a wide spectrum of benefits that will get you started on your health goals going into the new year.

    Flu season is amongst us…how can we prepare?

    Many of us get sick during this time of year. Ladell Hill, Co-Founder of Executive Armor, explains that cold weather is tough on the body and its health. Days are also shorter during the winter months and levels of vitamin D in your body decline. Luckily, one can take natural remedies that help fight off those sickly invaders.

    Herbs found in Daily Armor, like garlic and artichoke, can help strengthen the body’s immune system during the cold weather months. Artichoke, for example, is naturally rich in zinc, magnesium, and Vitamins A and K. Daily Armor contains natural, bioavailable herbs which contain these nutrients —    along with plenty of other natural ingredients —  that help boost one’s immunity.

    What can we do about that typical winter weight gain?

    There are natural ingredients that can help detoxify your body after consuming unhealthy foods and beverages.  Ingredients such as grapefruit and dandelion contain properties that help with the detoxification and the weight loss process of your body.

    Senna leaf is another popular aid for weight loss. The active compounds in Senna also work to help reduce constipation and bloating. These ingredients, amongst many others, can be found in Cleanse Armor.

    Ladell Hill adds that white willow and turmeric are great herbs to consume during the winter because they help reduce inflammation and can aid with any type of weight loss efforts.  Both of these herbs are found in our Pain Armor product, along with ingredients like Skullcap and Boswellia, which are also great at fighting inflammation and relieving discomfort, any time of the year.

    Thus, whether you’re trying to lose weight, become more active or simply want to be healthy going into the new year, Executive Armor can help you!