Tricks to Help You Stick to Your Health Goals Next Year

December 26, 2018
  • Setting health and fitness goals for the new year is common and a great way to prioritize what one intends to accomplish. However, many people try to accomplish too much with no concrete plan behind their goals, which leads to many people not achieving their goals. Thus, setting resolutions that are realistic and feasible is half the battle.

    Here’s how you can actually stick to your health and fitness goals for the upcoming new year:

    1. Create healthy habits that you will be able to follow through with
      • Incorporating realistic healthy habits into your lifestyle will make it easier to consistently keep up with your health goals. For example, try not to eat anything four hours before bed, have a salad with at least one meal a day, drink 3+ liters of water a day, or take the stairs, not the elevator. There are plenty of easy healthy habits one can adopt that fit easily into their lifestyle.
    2. Tell all your friends and family your new health goals for the year!
      • Telling people close to you what your goals are will not only make you try harder to follow through, but will enlist them to support you. Also, finding a workout partner or joining a workout class can make your workouts more enjoyable and help you schedule and make you show up for the time set aside for exercise.
    3. Give yourself small wins during your workouts
      • If you’re working towards a fitness goal, sometimes people can get discouraged by not immediately seeing results. So, break up your goal into smaller victories so your end goal doesn’t seem that unattainable and you’ll continue to be consistent. For example, if running a 5K is your goal, start by walking 30 minutes each time, then slowly incorporating periods of running, always for at least 30 minutes. One day, you’ll find yourself running the entire time – and want more!
    4. Realize that everyone is allowed to cheat from time to time
      • Don’t make drastic changes to your diet or fitness routine because you WILL burn out. Give yourself an exercise break or a treat from time to time so you don’t feel deprived and over-indulge later.