Make Your Popcorn Snack Healthier with These Easy Tips

January 18, 2019

    January 19, 2019, is national popcorn day?

    Commercially-prepared or microwaved popcorn can be high in calories and hurt your weight loss efforts. But the good news is that there are easy ways to keep your popcorn low in calories and make it a better snack choice.

    This Cleveland Clinic Article provides ways to make your popcorn healthier:

    • Air-pop or make popcorn on the stove top
    • Choose healthier cooking oil, like coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil
    • Try to avoid microwavable popcorn because it tends to be filled with less healthy artificial flavoring
    • Avoid purchasing popcorn that is anything more than your basic already popped kernel to limit the number of chemicals and sweeteners
    • Limit the amount of sweet kettle corn purchased or look for low-sodium versions
    • Pair your popcorn with protein to help control your portions by feeling fuller longer
    • Be healthier with toppings by adding spices and seasonings instead of popcorn butter or powders

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