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  • Give Your Heart Some Love with These Foods

    May 01, 2019

    Our heart is one of the most vital organs keeping us alive. Heart disease is common among both men and women in the US. In fact, according to the CDC, heart disease is the number one cause of death. However, there are steps people can take early on to prevent heart disease and develop a healthier heart.

  • Six Reasons Why You Aren’t Losing The Weight You Want

    April 10, 2019

    You’ve been working hard to fulfill that weight loss resolution you made for the New Year when, all of a sudden, your hard work isn’t helping you lose any more weight!

  • Hormonal Imbalance and How to Fix It – the Natural Way

    March 07, 2019

    According to the, hormones are special chemical messengers in the body that are created in the endocrine glands. These chemical messengers are secreted directly into the blood and control most of our bodily functions.

  • Fast Guide On Intermittent Fasting and the 16:8 Plan

    February 19, 2019

    Intermittent fasting is one of today’s most popular health trends. Intermittent fasting is an eating schedule where one eats “normally” on some days and goes without food for a specified amount of time on others. Not only does intermittent fasting help you lose weight, but studies have shown that it can curb cravings, improve blood sugar level, and helps heal the gut.

  • Don’t Let Age Dictate Your Metabolism

    January 23, 2019

    Your metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. Every time you eat, digestive enzymes in your body break down the food and turn it into energy that your body needs to function on a daily basis.

  • Make Your Popcorn Snack Healthier with These Easy Tips

    January 18, 2019

    Commercially-prepared or microwaved popcorn can be high in calories and hurt your weight loss efforts. But the good news is that there are easy ways to keep your popcorn low in calories and make it a better snack choice.

  • Tricks to Help You Stick to Your Health Goals Next Year

    December 26, 2018

    Setting health and fitness goals for the new year is common and a great way to prioritize what one intends to accomplish. However, many people try to accomplish too much with no concrete plan behind their goals, which leads to many people not achieving their goals. Thus, setting resolutions that are realistic and feasible is half the battle.

  • Healthy Tips for the Holiday Party Season

    December 19, 2018

    We have all been there: staying healthy during this time of the year is HARD WORK. Luckily, Ladell Hill of Executive Armor has some tips for those who will consume alcoholic beverages at their holiday parties this season.  Of course, Ladell’s first health tip would be “don’t drink alcohol,” but he knows everyone isn’t like him!

  • Beware: That “Free” Bottle of Supplements Could Cost You a Lot this Holiday Season!

    December 18, 2018

    Have you seen or heard the ads about getting a ‘free’ bottle of supplements?  Here is one way some companies give away these ‘free’ bottles.

  • What Your Body Needs NOW for a Healthier You Next Year

    December 10, 2018

    The holidays always seem to put us on a backward slope when it comes to our health. It’s cold outside, we tend to eat unhealthier “comfort” foods, our social calendars are booked, and we neglect our exercise routine…